Ron van Zelst


Zero Entertainment is based in Bangkok Thailand and also has a studio in the Netherlands.
Producing a variety of styles for record companies and artists.
Owned by Ron van Zelst a Dutch music producer who has worked in the Netherlands, USA and Thailand.
Working as a freelance producer for Redbeat International /Grammy Big/Bakery Music in Thailand for over 15 years.
Started out as a club DJ in the Amsterdam club scene and trying out his first productions there.
After sending demos to various labels his music was picked up by a few NYC based labels such as: Music Station/Music USA, Power Records, Joy Luv Records.
Started doing remixes for various Dutch labels and created his own label through ID&T called Black Beans in the ‘90s.

Producing mainly Garage House music R&b and Hip Hop at the time.

Moved to Thailand and started to develop a more commercial sound for the Asian market.

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